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Anime Doraemon Musen Pad Gaming musemåtte 60x30cm Låsning Kant musemåtte, musemåtter Skrive Pad Tastatur Pad Bruser Anti-slip Pad

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Please read carefully before purchasing 1. The mouse pad belongs to high temperature thermal transfer, and the surface of the mouse pad is cloth and has grain.So the clarity and brightness of the mouse pad are not as good as the computer graphics. 2. The mouse pad is printed after more than 200 degrees of high temperature.Just received the rubber taste will be slightly larger, put it in a cool and ventilated place for a few days will have no taste.

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Skrivebord Mat Mænd, Spil Mouse Pad, Musemåtte Animationsfilm Mand, Mål Gaming Musemåtter, Anim Musemåtte, Sort Skrivebord Pad, Karamel Jakke, Tastatur Håndled Hvile Spounge, Doraemon, Musemåtte Håndled.

Produkter Status Lager
Feature4 anime musemåtte
Størrelse 60x30cm
Feature5 skrivebord mat
Feature1 musemåtte animationsfilm
Materiale Gummi
Feature6 kawaii musemåtte
Feature3 musemåtte
Stil med Håndled Hvile
Feature7 gamer musemåtte
Feature2 sød musen pad
Model-Nummer 60X30CM Musemåtte
Pakke Ja